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EtFF catalyzes the power of the most vulnerable students and young women to create the future they imagine — for themselves, for their communities, and for Nigeria

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Your Support Is Really Powerful

We seek out world changers & difference makers around the globe to support us and equip children to fulfil their unique purpose in life. Our primary goal is developing a secure and safe world for poor peoples in the world that meets the needs of humanities. We believe that education is a fundamental human right and we strive to ensure that children from disadvantaged families are supported to gain quality education.

Who we are

Embrace the Future Foundation (EtFF) is a  non-profit organisation created to provide relief of poverty and give hope to disadvantaged and marginalised families in Nigeria. We support by paying  school/tuition fees and provision of school materials. This will hopefully improve their prospects of becoming independent leaders of tomorrow.

Mission Statement

Embrace the Future Foundation (EtFF) is a charitable organisation focused on investing in the education of less priveleged children in Nigeria.

Vision Statement

Is to support and empower children to embrace education and build a solid foundation for the future.


  1.  For the relief of poverty - Payment of school, tuition and examination fees

  2.  Payment for school uniforms and books

  3.  Provision of laptops (fairly used)

  4.  For the relief of those in need by reason of financial hardship.

  5. Support for widows with little or no education and therefore poor job prospects/income to send their children to school.

  6. Support children from disadvantaged and marginalised families to access education